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Prakash Padukone’s favourite Lakshya Sen, to watch out for.

A 15 years old Lakshya Sen from Uttarakhand hills has followed the footsteps of Aditya Joshi and Siril Verma to take the top spot in junior rankings.Lakshya is from a small town of Uttarakhand called Almora. His father is a coach with the Sports Authority

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Trump- A brief understanding

6 teams and 59 players are going head on for what is billed as the ‘highest prize money badminton tournament in the world’ – Premier Badminton League 2016. A new and very interesting concept called Trump was introduced in this tournament. Let us get familiarized

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Reasons behind the success of Delhi Acers

Men’s SinglesThe area where Delhi Acers dominated and destroyed most of the other teams.They used the three players Tommy Sugiarto, Ajay Jayaram and Rajiv Ouseph with outstanding precision.They only lost one match and won all the other 13 of them, 4 of them being Trumps.Tommy

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Does age matter in PBL?

It has been said “With age comes wisdom”.The statistics are showing that with age, not only wisdom but also wins are coming in PBL.In this analysis, the players were categorized into different age groups. Then we analysed how many matches they have played and points

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The best Men’s Doubles and Mixed doubles

Men’s DoublesThis tournament changed a major opinion about doubles matches; those teams who have played together have a better chance, the converse was true for PBL.Doubles players who had never played before fared far better than those who had played together, whereas the players who

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Madhumita Bisht- The coach of Delhi Acers

 When PBL matches are live on Star Sports and when the Delhi Acers play, a lady coach sits and watches shouting out instructions. Her heart rate is always high as per data given by Star sports and they emphasize that she is always tensed.What they


Top THREE players of the tournament so far in PBL

WomenSaina NehwalSuper trump for Awadhe. She has been used as Trump in two matches and as predicted she has won both of them getting 4 important points for Awadhe Warriors.PV SindhuTwo matches, two wins, one used as a trump. Clever strategy from Chennai smashers by

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Where are the Chinese Players gone?

Have you ever wondered about Vladimir Ivanov’s nationality? He is from Russia!!Did you know Rajiv Ouseph is from England!!The champion Lee Chong Wei is from Malaysia!!This is for all of you Badminton fans who want to know the nationality of the foreign players playing in

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Bengaluru Topguns-team analysis

Men’s SinglesAnand PawarRanked 52,probably the second player who will be playing the singles matchups other than Srikanth.Sameer vermaHe  is not likely to win against the top-notch players of other teams but can win against the likes of Siril,  and Vladimir Ivanov.  Relatively  Bengaluru in terms